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Hatfield House is a historic country house and parklands situated to the east side of Hatfield, in Hertfordshire.

As a venue Hatfield House does not just play host to weddings, it has starred in many films from the interior of Wayne Manor in the Batman movies, to Lara Croft, Shakespeare in Love, and Charlie & the Chocolate Factory & the Avengers to name but a few.

The interior of the Old Palace at Hatfield House is just as beautiful as the grounds. With the unpredictability of British weather, it offers couples the peace of mind that if you have to stay inside your wedding will not be compromised.

The Banqueting Hall is steeped in history. It was used as a nursery to the three children of Henry VIII, and where Elizabeth 1st spent her childhood. Eventually she would be held here under house arrest until she finally succeeded the throne. She would later hold Council of State here in here her role as Queen of England.

As their recommended wedding photographer, I am very lucky to have photographed lots of weddings at Hatfield House.

As a wedding venue Hatfield House offers everything. The wow factor for guests, the amazing history of The Old Palace with the Henry 8th and Elizabeth 1st, and later with Hatfield House itself, which adjoins the site of The Old Palace built by Robert Cecil, the Chief Minister to Elizabeth 1st.

More recently Hatfield house has seen a new extension to its estate, with the opening of Lawn House, a 15-bedroom guest house that overlooks the parks farmyard. This is where I joined Tracey on the morning of her wedding to Ville.

This was a multinational wedding. With guests travelling from all over the world to share their wedding day with them, and readings and speeches delivered in Finnish and English to represent the two families.

I am often asked what is my favourite part of a wedding to photograph. Without hesitation, it is the evening reception and specifically the dancefloor. A chance for everyone to let loose and me on standby to catch the moves.

As many times as I photograph weddings at Hatfield House, each one brings with it a uniqueness from the personalities of the couple and their guests, that that makes photographing weddings at Hatfield House such a delight.

Wedding ceremony & reception held at:
The Old Palace, Hatfield House, Herts.

Information on lawn house can be found at https://www.lawn-house.com

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