Hertfordshire Family Photographer

I have been a family photographer in Hertfordshire for over 10 years. Many families started as my wedding couples, and I have continued to photograph them as their families have grown.

My family photography sessions take place either in your home or a favourite outdoor space in Hertfordshire. The location of the shoot is usually decided by who is being photographed.

For example, newborn sessions are generally held in your home, so that you can do all the feeds and changes you need in the comfort of your own home.

On the other hand, outdoor spaces are ideal for families with young children. Hertfordshire has some great parks, woods and vast areas of countryside, so your children can run free and release some energy.

The photo session lasts for up to 2 hours. The length depends on who’s being photographed, and if we need more time to warm into our shoot.

I will always take time during the shoot to interact and build trust with your children. Most importantly, I want everyone to have fun, so we keep the shoot very informal, and let little personalities shine through in the photos.

And absolutely, your dog is welcome to join us too, after all they are part of your family (they may even be your favourite family member!)

Approximately one week after your session, you’ll receive a link to your gallery to choose your favourite photos. All chosen images are then fully edited and retouched before pinging their way to you.

If you’d like to discuss arranging a family photo shoot in more detail, let’s have a chat

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