Film Photography stills is another exciting area I have found myself within. My job allows me to photograph people in all different scenarios. From wedding days to corporate teams, personal branding and events. But when it comes to film and television photography, I photograph people pretending to be other people.


Behind the scenes stills photography is important for many different reasons.

Most importantly to promote the project and secure financial backing. Many projects rely solely on independent financial backing until they can get the interest of the established production companies. Initial promotion of stills and behind the scenes are often used to gain funding, as well as drum up further interest in the project.

Furthermore, the journey of a film project is used to advertise, promote and market the film before distribution.

Unlike my other photography, moments in film and television are scripted. Hence I know what’s coming next!  The anticipation of the unknown, is replaced with certainty of what reaction is coming from whom, and at what point. Over the several takes of a scene I can change my position to cover the scene from different aspects knowing what action to prepare to photograph.

I am fortunate to have photographed several film and television projects in London. Each time working with a great group of Directors, Actors, Camera Operators, and a huge team working behind the scenes. And a snippet of a few of these projects are below.

Do you have an upcoming Film or Television project that you need stills photography for? If so get in touch to see how I can help you with promotion.

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