Cinema on the Green, Welwyn Garden City, Hertfordshire

I was contacted by Lisa, who was taking the exciting step of launching her own business after many years working in a large corporate environment.

Lisa is an expert in social and project management for businesses. She provides social media training, management, auditing, and facilitation services to businesses who do not feel they have control over their social media presence. So she more than anyone knew the importance of social media for promoting your company.

Lisa and I talked about her brand and the types of images we felt would work best for her business. She wanted the pictures compliment the feel of her brand and for her headshots to conveyed a friendly and approachable business owner. Lisa, like many small business owners works from home most of the time. So we chose to shoot at a location in Hertford, Hertfordshire for her branding photoshoot.

I, like many small local business owners find it quite daunting with the ever-changing algorithms that determine which of your posts may or may not get seen by your followers.
Let alone finding the time to post and promote yourself on social media – a job in itself aside from the day to day of running your business.

This is where Social Elements Media aims to help business owners, by taking as much or as little of the social aspect off their hands.

Once of the most pleasurable things about working with small businesses is the ability to keep the shoot very fluid and informal, and most importantly fun.

Lisa was aware her brand had to include her, regardless of how much she disliked having her picture taken! Having a relaxed and informal session really paid off in the images.

It was a pleasure to work with Lisa and create the images for her website and branding.

For more information on Social Elements Media visit their website.

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