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If you live in Hertfordshire, you will need no introduction to St Albans Cathedral.

St Albans itself is a very popular town. Famous for its history, cobbled streets, boutique style shops and some of the oldest pubs in the UK. St Albans Cathedral, referred to locally as ‘The Abbey’ stands imposingly in the heart of St Albans.

Sana, a professional ballet dancer wanted her wedding day to be every bit the fairytale she dances on stage. And Phil, who is an incredibly talented musician and composer has strong professional links with The Abbey. So, it seemed a natural choice to them both to have their wedding at the Cathedral.

I spent the morning with Sana and her bridal party. Her home buzzed with activity and excitement as everyone got ready. But I still had time to hang out and blow bubbles with Sana and Phil’s daughter.


How do you decide on the most suitable transport to your ceremony when your Church is as grand as St Albans Cathedral? For Sana this was simple – you walk.

Living only 10 minutes walk from The Abbey, Sana and her bridal party decided the best mode of transport was on foot. However, anyone that knows this area of St Albans will know it is very hilly with cobbled streets. So, this was no feeble task for a bridal party in heels. But boy did they turn heads walking up Fishpool Street!


It is surprising how personal and intimate their ceremony felt against such a grand backdrop.

We had discussed where I would stand to take photos in our planning visit to the Abbey a few weeks previously. More often than not I stand at the front of the church capturing the couple’s expressions throughout the ceremony.

But with a venue such as St Albans Cathedral the only way to photograph the ceremony (in my opinion) is from the aisle looking down at that stunning backdrop.

In our planning meeting we also went through the ceremony in great detail so I knew when there would be opportunity to photograph the couple front on and in profile to make sure I had their expressions.

The newlyweds walked back down the aisle to cheers, and on to their final long walk down the longest Nave in England past clapping members of the public.


Outside more members of the public gathered to watch our formal photos. With such a big wedding party there were a lot of photos to get through. A fantastic effort by everyone to get the photos done quickly so we could make our way to the wedding reception.

But as stunning as everyone looked, of course eventually they would all be upstaged by Sana & Phil’s daughter.

What better way to signal the start of a wedding reception than with a confetti throw. And what a confetti throw this was! The faces during these next series of photos say it all.

Wedding Reception

Sana & Phil chose Rowley Barn in Radlett for their wedding reception. This grade 2 listed barn gave them the ideal location for a relaxed garden style reception in contrast to the formality of St Albans Cathedral. They chose a buffet wedding breakfast to again compliment the informal feel of their reception.

St Albans Abbey – St Albans Cathedral Wedding by Hertfordshire Wedding Photographer Zoë Cooper.

Wedding dress from The Bride, St Albans

Rowley Barn

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