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Hertford Registry Office in Hertfordshire

Set within the County Hall offices, Hertford registry office is one of the most popular, and most photogenic registry offices in Hertfordshire.

It’s fair to say that registry offices haven’t had the best reputation for beautiful Instagram-worthy wedding appeal. However, in the past few years, Covid and the cost of living crisis have given couples a new perspective on their weddings. Many cost-savvy couples have chosen smaller more low-key celebrations. Whereas others simply want to have more control on a day bespoke to them and feel a registry office ceremony gives them this.

Confetti throw at Hertford Registry Office in Hertford, Hertfordshire


Firstly, many established venues only offer wedding packages which include a specific number of guests, and stipulations over drinks and dinner packages. A registry office ceremony gives you the freedom to have your reception (should you have one) wherever you want.

Hertford registry office is within walking distance of Hertford town centre with plenty of pubs and restaurants for your reception. Hertford Castle and village halls are also a great option for reception venues. You can tailor your day to be as budget-friendly and cost-effective as you need.

best registry offices in Hertfordshire by zoe cooper photography Hertford Castle wedding venue, Hertford

Secondly, and probably most obviously, registrars conduct non-religious ceremonies. For other options for non-religious ceremonies take a look at my blog on Celebrant wedding ceremonies.

Best Registry Offices in Hertfordshire, Hertford Registry


A few practicalities worth mentioning about Hertford registry office:

For outside space, there is a small garden at the back of the registry office. But by far the Arches is where I photograph the most at Hertford.

There are plenty of parking spaces on-site, as well as in the town centre. It is a 10-minute walk into town, but this is downhill (or uphill coming to County Hall) so may not be appropriate for those with mobility issues.

Disabled parking is available onsite, and there is an access ramp to enter the building. The ceremony room is on the ground floor.

Hertfordshire wedding photography

I now photograph as many smaller more intimate weddings as I do big lavish wedding days. Whether it is a direct result of market forces & the cost of living, or simply couples re-writing what a wedding day looks like for them. One thing is for sure, registry office weddings are on the rise. And Hertford registry office might just offer you everything you are looking for.



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