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The end-of-year roundup is always quite a daunting task. Most of the year (and certain busy wedding seasons) goes by in a blur, so it is great to use the end of the year to reflect. Here’s a look at my 2023 highlights from weddings in Hertfordshire, and a bit of a prediction of what 2024 may bring…..


As always, weddings are massively affected by what is going on socially and economically. And 2023 was no different. Finally, we could breathe a sigh of relief that COVID-19 couldn’t scupper any wedding plans. But the arrival of the cost of living crisis ultimately impacted weddings in 2023. Couples were more cost-conscious. And consequently, some delayed or cancelled their wedding plans altogether.

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I was thrilled to be back at my regular wedding venues in 2023 with weddings at Hatfield House , St Michaels Manor, and Tewinbury,

Hindu wedding at Hatfield house in Hertfordshire

2023 also gave me the chance to photograph weddings at four new wedding venues in Hertfordshire. Sandon Manor opened its doors to couples in 2023 and I was thrilled to photograph one of the first weddings held there. And Brook Farm Cuffley, Foxholes Farm, and Westmill Farm offer couples unique farmland and outdoor spaces for bespoke weddings.

Although I am best known as a Hertfordshire wedding photographer, I photograph weddings all over the UK. I also added the Kings Chapel in Amersham to my list of wedding venues in Buckinghamshire in 2023.

Sandon Manor Wedding Venue

2023 saw the grand opening of the highly anticipated Sandon Manor wedding venue in Buntingford. This exclusive and stylish barn venue did not disappoint. Take a look at Holly & Tom’s beautiful wedding at Sandon Manor. I am looking forward to many more Sandon Manor weddings in 2024.

Sandon Manor wedding photographer

Brook Farm Cuffley Wedding Venue

I photographed my first wedding at Brook Farm Cuffley also in August. An incredible summer wedding that quite literally threw every weather condition at us. You can read all about it here. Brook Farm Cuffley is the most beautiful outdoor space for festival-style weddings and I cannot wait to be back there in 2024.

Brook Farm Cuffley Wedding

Foxholes Farm

Foxholes Farm in Hertford is a family-run farm with beautiful fields surrounding a lake, the perfect space for a wedding marquee or Tipi. The grounds have two glamping pods and a safari tent, equipped with hot tubs and bbq’s. As dairy farmers themselves, a large countryside location surrounded by farmland was the perfect venue for Claire and Nigel’s wedding in May 2023.

The Kings Chapel, Buckinghamshire

Set in the beautiful historic market town of Old Amersham, The Kings Chapel is a quirky hidden gem nestled in the Chiltern Hills. The distinctive main hall dates back to 1906 and the private walled garden has breathtaking views for summer receptions outdoors.

kings chapel wedding venue in Buckinghamshire

Westmill Farm in Ware

Westmill Farm is a beautiful countryside location overlooking the Rib Valley in Ware. Ceremonies can be help in the outside grounds with receptions held in the Three Lakes function barn.


I am shooting more and more weddings where wedding guests of the ‘wagging tail’ kind take centre stage. Dogs at weddings are the BEST, just don’t expect them to do what you want them to do!

Most importantly always please consider your dog’s personality and disposition before making them a wedding VIP. I have photographed weddings with the most impeccably behaved doggy VIPs & ring bearers who have the time of their lives with all the attention. However, weddings are busy & loud, and not a place any nervous pup will want to be.


Off-the-peg weddings were out in 2023 and I saw a rising trend in couples opting for less traditional weddings, and instead choosing to celebrate in a way that is authentic to them.

Alongside my traditional wedding venues, I photographed weddings and receptions in privately owned fields, independent restaurants, and local pubs. Secondly, celebrant-led ceremonies became as popular as registrar or vicar-led ceremonies.

And whilst the cost of living certainly played a role in choices couples made for their weddings in 2023. Equally, I feel there is a movement in couples not wanting wedding packages defined by established venues.

In 2023 I saw a trend in weddings that had:

  • No speeches
  • No seating plans
  • Undecorated banquet tables and benches, replacing formal table settings
  • Non traditional wedding dresses
  • Bright bold colours replacing neutral white wedding tones
  • Celebrant-led ceremonies


In 2023 I photographed more celebrant-led ceremonies than any year previously. This is a trend I think that will continue to rise in popularity. Unlike Registrars, Celebrants do not have to follow any protocols. This means a couples have full control of their ceremony timing, venue, format and content. I am in no doubt I will see more Celebrant-led weddings, in fact, I’ve dedicated a whole blog to it, which you can READ HERE.

My style of natural and fun wedding photography is perfect for laid-back weddings. So if you are sticking two fingers up to tradition and planning an informal wedding your way GET IN TOUCH!

LGBTQ+ wedding photographer st albans


Hertfordshire wedding venues are quick to promote their eco-conscious credentials and with good reason. Couples are more eco-savvy than they’ve ever been and are making wedding choices to fit with their values. In 2023 I saw a rise in recycled and sustainable decor, old Gin & wine bottles as flower vases, and a huge increase in dried flowers than in any year previously.


Hand in hand with couples doing their weddings their way, I saw a rise in registry office weddings in 2023. Small intimate registry office ceremonies followed by meals at local pubs and restaurants were popular with many couples. St Albans Registry Office and Hertford Registry Office are two of the most popular. With close proximity to the bustling towns offering plenty of choice for popular pubs and fine dining restaurants.


I cannot recap 2023 weddings without mentioning the weather.

There is no denying climate change is causing weather extremes, and summer weddings in 2023 wrestled with heavy rain and gale-force winds.

I pride myself on my relationships with my couples. And they trust that on the day I will do everything in my power to get the photos they want, regardless of what is thrown at us.

So yes, in 2023 there was a lot of dashing between the rain storms for outdoor photos, and there’s no doubt it kept us on our toes. But getting creative, being flexible & dealing with what is in front of me is exactly how I approach every wedding.

So things weren’t really that much different, I just got a bit wetter. And I can honestly say no wedding was negatively compromised because of the weather.

And let’s face it, the weather is the one thing you really cannot control. So my advice is don’t waste your time worrying about it. There are some really useful considerations you can have when planning your wedding that I believe will help a lot with weather-anxiety, and I wrote a blog all about it, which you can read HERE.


  • Celebrant-led wedding Ceremonies
  • Couples moving away from wedding packages
  • Prioritising sustainable weddings
  • Bright bold colours
  • Non-traditional venues – fields, farms, pubs and woodlands on the rise.
  • Minimalist table decor (if any at all!) and more Gin bottles as flower vases.
  • Wedding BBQ’s and street food vendors
  • Wedding dresses with a difference (colour, shape and size)

Brook Farm Cuffley Wedding Photography

It feels like there is a shift within the wedding industry. A movement if you like away from the dictations of what a perfect wedding should look like, and the undeniable debt striving to achieve that will end in.

Perhaps it is driven by the cost of living crisis. Or perhaps couples are just more savvy and more self-assured. I know for certain the couples I am lucky enough to photograph know what they want, and make no apologies for it. They don’t want to stand taking endless formal photos. They want to hang out with the people they love and have those candid photos as everlasting memories. And I love that!

Weddings are less formal, with more emphasis on fun. And I for one will always be the first to champion that.



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